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Time Delay Relay, 1 second to 60 minutes  , ELK-960

Time Delay Relay, 1 second to 60 minutes 12/24Vdc Coil

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The ELK-960 Delay Timer is designed to be an economical and flexible solution for any general-purpose timer application. The unit can be configured for use on 12 to 24V systems, with positive or negative trigger logic. Positive triggers can be as low as 4.5V. Setup is quick and easy with thumbwheel adjustment between 1 and 60 seconds. A quick jumper setting converts the time from seconds to minutes. The Timer can be configured to activate once for each trigger, or free-run as soon as power is applied. Relay can be configured to be normally on or normally off.

• 12 to 24 Volt DC Operation
• Adjustable Time Delay
• SPDT (Form "C") Relay
• Low Current Input Trigger (<1ma)
• Selectable Positive or Negative trigger
• Selectable Initial Relay State: ON / OFF
• Operating Modes: One-Shot or Repeat
• LED Indication of Relay State
• Lifetime Limited Warranty