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Threadlocker, High Strength, Permanent, 8703-10ML

Threadlocker, High Strength, Permanent - 8703-10ML

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8703 - Threadlocker, Red, High Strength

The 8703 Threadlocker, High Strength, Permanent has an anaerobic formulation designed to secure and seal fasteners permanently. It prevents loosening caused by vibrations, shock, expansion and contraction. The threadlocker is resistant to heat, corrosion, water, gases, oils, hydrocarbons, and many chemicals.

Applications & Usages

The 8703 is used to secure and seal hydraulic line fittings, housing screws, machinery keys, and many types of nuts and bolts.

Features and Benefits

  • Meets MIL S-46163, Type I, Grade K
  • One drop prevents loosening and ensures a secure hold
  • Prevent corrosion, seal threads, improve torque control, and reduce galling
  • Reduces friction allowing controlled torque during assembly