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Spl Prf Blade Type Holder w/LED Ind. Lt., 64-2020

Spl Prf Blade Type Holder w/LED Ind. Lt. #64-2020

Philmore LKG
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Splash Proof IP66 with LED Indicator
ATC, ATG or ATO Blade Type
In-Line Fuse Holder with 14 AWG Wire
Philmore 64-2020
This fuse holder is rated IP66, Splash Proof and has an LED light that turns on if the fuse blows.

It holds ATC, ATO, and ATG blade type fuses. It comes with a 12" loop of 14 AWG automotive primary wire that you cut to the length you wish.


Maximum Rating: 20A
Operating Voltage: 12 VDC & 24 VDC UL