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ProTac HL4

Will Change the Way Law Enforcement and Military Personnel Perform Their Duties

The ProTac HL4 is a new high-intensity flashlight from STREAMLIGHT® that will change the way law enforcement and military personnel perform their duties. Its output rate is an incredibly powerful 2,200 lumens on the high setting; 600 lumens on Medium; and 60 lumens on Low. The ProTac HL4 also has a Strobe mode for tactical scenarios. Switching among these modes is made easy through STREAMLIGHT's exclusive TEN-TAP® programming, and its tactical power switch that you press down to activate. The run times for the ProTac HL4's modes are (CR123A): 1h 30 min. on High; 4h on Medium; 40h on Low; and 2.5h on Strobe. For the 18650 lithium-ion (li-ion) rechargeable batteries, the run times are the following: 1h 45 min. on High; 4h 15 min. on Medium; 43h on Low; and 3.5h on strobe. The Candela rates are: 30,000cd for High; 8,300cd for Medium; and 800cd for Low. The ProTac HL4's beam/throw distances are: High: 346m; Medium: 182m; and Low: 56m. The TEN-TAP programming lets the user pick from these modes: high/strobe/low; high only; or, low/medium/high.

Is Remarkably Versatile

The Dual Fuel feature shows the ProTac HL4's remarkable versatility through its ability to utilize two different sets of batteries: you can use either the included 3V CR123A cells (four), or two STREAMLIGHT® brand 18650 lithium-ion (li-ion) rechargeable batteries. This flashlight's light source is a STREAMLIGHT C4® LED that has an anti-shock quality, and it lasts for up to 50,000h. The optic on the C4 LED is a specially engineered TIR lens, which stands for total internal reflection, and is unique because of its conical shape, which allows it to produce a superior throw and a hotspot, compared to typical flashlight reflectors; a TIR lens is not actually a reflector. The ProTac HL4's lens is made of glass, is gasket-sealed, and it features an anti-reflective veneer. The ProTac HL4 also has a convenient anti-roll head to ensure stability in your working environment. The material that the ProTac is crafted from is 6000 Series machined aircraft aluminum that has a hard-anodized coating. The impact resistance is 1m, and the water resistance/IPX rating is a durable 7. Also durable is the rubber sleeve on the barrel, which gives the user several distinct benefits: thermal insulation; comfort; and a firm grasp on the light for when your hands may be greasy, gloved, or wet, for example.

Reliable, Long-term Usage

The battery canister within the ProTac HL4's barrel can handle several different battery sizes, including CR123A and 18650 cells; your batteries are secure enough in the canister so that they won't shake around and will most likely remain stationary. The C4 LED is integrated with STREAMLIGHT's proven LED Solid State Power Regulation that is meant to supply the C4 LED with a precise beam, for reliable, long-term usage. The warranty for the ProTac HL-4 is STREAMLIGHT's limited lifetime warranty, and the accessories included with this flashlight are: four 3V CR123A batteries and a lanyard.


  • Switching among output modes made easy through STREAMLIGHT's TEN-TAP® programming
  • Specially engineered TIR (total internal reflection) lens; produces superior throw and hotspot
  • Durable rubber sleeve on barrel, gives user thermal insulation, comfort, and a firm grasp
  • Lens made of glass, gasket-sealed; features anti-reflective veneer
  • Battery canister in barrel can handle several battery sizes, including CR123A and 18650 cells
  • LED integrated with STREAMLIGHT's LED Solid State Power Regulation, meant to supply LED with precise beam
  • Warranty: STREAMLIGHT® limited lifetime warranty
  • Included accessories: Four 3V CR123A batteries, lanyard


  • Output rates:
    • High: 2200 lumens
    • Medium: 600 lumens
    • Low: 60 lumens
  • Run times: 
    • CR123A:
      • High: 1h 30 min.
      • Medium: 4h
      • Low: 40h
      • Strobe: 2.5h
    • Li-ion rechargeable 18650:
      • High: 1h 45 min.
      • Medium: 4h 15 min.
      • Low: 43h
      • Strobe: 3.5h
  • Candela rate/Peak beam intensity:
    • High: 30,000cd
    • Medium: 8,300cd
    • Low: 800cd
  • Beam/throw distance:Light source: STREAMLIGHT® C4® LED bulb
    • High: 346m
    • Medium: 182m
    • Low: 56m
  • Battery source: 4 x CR123A lithium primaries, or 2 x 18650 rechargeable lithium-ion (li-ion) cells
  • Material: 6000 Series machined aircraft aluminum, hard-anodized coating
  • IPX rating: 7
  • Impact resistance: 1m
  • Dimensions: 
    • Length: 8.63 in./21.92 cm
    • Head/Bezel diameter: 2.35 in./5.97cm
    • Barrel/Body diameter: 1.24 in./3.15cm
    • Tri-Lobe diameter: 2.29 in./5.81 cm
    • Weight: 1 lb 1 oz./482 g (with CR123A batteries)