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Industrial SI Tape 1.5"X15' 30 Mil Black, 12-3602

Industrial SI Tape 1.5"X15' 30 Mil Black #12-3602

Philmore LKG
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Philmore's 12-3602 S/I (Seals/Insulates) Tape is a fusion tape that chemically and physically bonds to itself wherever it over-laps. It is waterproof, UV resistant and can withstand a wide range of temperatures.
This S/I tape can be wrapped around a coax cable at the base of a connector for years of outdoor protection as well as cover an exposed conductor in a damaged extension cord or even cover a spurt in the middle of a garden hose or water pipe. _x000B_


1.5" Wide Black
15 ft Length
30mil (0.030") thick
Insulates 12,000 Volts per Layer
Silicone based product
Operating temperature range: -65°F to 500°F,
Dielectric Constant @ 1KHz 2.95
Dielectric Strength: tested to ASTM D-149,
Meets UL Standard 510
Meets or exceeds U.S. MIL Specd AA-59163
Volume Resistivity: tested to ASTM D-257 3X1014 Ohm/cm
Tensile Strength: tested to ASTM D-412 700 PSI
Tear Resistance: 85 PSI
Hardness: 50 shore durometer
Resists: UV, Oil and Chemicals
NOTE: over-lapping does increase dielectric strength