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DeoxIT® for Batteries, connector cleaning kit, D100L-B2C

DeoxIT®, #D100L-B2C (Battery Cleaning Kit)

CAIG Laboratories, Inc.
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DeoxIT® D-Series – Battery Cleaner & Rejuvenator

Part No. D100L-B2C:
100% Liquid, No solvents

Applicator: Squeeze Tube, provides NO flushing action, applies 100% DeoxIT®, Great for OEMs or include in service kit.
Formulation: 100% DeoxIT®.
Use: When contact and connector are easily accessible. No flushing action.
Notes: Use when over spray is an issue on materials. Formulation safe on plastics. Recommend wiping off excess, leaving a thin layer. After application, if you notice a green or black discoloration (sometimes over time), this indicates it is doing its job (dissolving oxidation) and improving the connection. Wipe off and re-apply DeoxIT®.

DeoxIT® – Improves the Performance of ALL Batteries and Electronic Connections.

Clean and rejuvenate battery connections
Clean and improve charger connections
Get the most out of your batteries
Batteries, Chargers, Memory Cards, Headsets, Microphones, Cameras, PDA/MP3s, Audio/Video/Computers, etc.

All battery terminals/connections over time deteriorate from oxidization and corrosion, causing reduced performance and eventually total failure. DeoxIT® cleans, rejuvenates and protects ALL electrical connections. Using DeoxIT® results in brighter lights, extended battery life, improved sound & video quality and faster and reliable data.