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Audio Cable 3.5mm S/M to S/F 3ft. , 71-1803

Audio Cable 3.5mm S/M to S/F 3ft. #71-1803

Philmore LKG
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MediaStar Plus audio and video cables and adaptors. Todays marvelous electronic equipment can be enjoyed fully only if you make certain to have equally good cable and adaptor interconnections. The MediaStar Plus series of products is certain assurance that your equipment will be able to deliver its very best listening and viewing performance. MediaStar Plus cables begin with a process that refines copper and refines it again until only pure, oxygen-free copper remains. Precision drawn and spun, the copper is wound into extraordinary, double-shielded cables. All connection surfaces are absolutely pure 24K gold because only very pure gold can promise to deliver the same, excellent electrical characteristics from the start and for decades. Spacing between conductors is perfect, conductivity is precise, and the precision of this construction is your guarantee that you have the very best cables and adaptors that can be found. Signals are transmitted perfectly, noise pickup and transfer is eliminated and your equipment can deliver the pure pleasure that you had in mind when you bought it. Distinctive in appearance, MediaStar double molded connectors are not only attractive but easier for your fingers to handle during equipment set up.