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6Ft 6 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip Plastic, 215002

6Ft 6 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip Plastic

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Unique slim design to fit into small and slender spaces. Included on the surge protector adapter is a LED power-on indicator which is placed on a glossy curvature for a distinctive style and texture. Attached to the power strip adapter is a 6ft power cord to reach distant properly grounded outlets.

Multi-outlet surge protector adaptor features 6 outlets to connect small electronics, everyday household appliances, computers, entertainment equipment and other electronics for the home and office.
The 6 outlet power strip has an electrical rating of AC125V/ 15Amp circuit breaker, and a 90 joules surge suppressor which protects the connected equipment from power surges, lightning strikes and other power interferences.

AC125V, 15Amp
15Amp circuit breaker
90J surge suppressor
14AWG/3 6Ft power cord
LED power-on indicator
UL listed
1 Year Warranty