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EXO-EX Die for EXO Crimp Frame, Clamshell., 100071C

100071C EXO-EX Die for EXO Crimp Frame, Clamshell.

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The patented EXO-EX Die™ is used with the EXO Crimp Frame™ to terminate ezEX-RJ45™connectors (typically used in Cat6 and Cat6A). The EXO-EX Die is interchangeable and reversible when used with EXO Crimp Frame. Designed for the new ezEX-RJ45™connectors (ezEX™44 and ezEX™48). The ezEX-RJ45™ connectors are an RJ45 pass through connector, developed for larger cables and conductors. Integrated Hi-Lo stagger for improved performance and one piece design pass through system.
Single cycle crimp and flush trim
Easily interchangeable
Reversible for ambidextrous operation
Connectors lock into tool for correct positioning during crimp
Compatible with ezEX™44 and ezEX™48 connectors
Terminates larger cables and conductors Cat6 and Cat6A