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ezEX44 Connectors, 50/Clamshell., 100028C

100028C ezEX44 Connectors, 50/Clamshell.

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This RJ45 connector is designed for larger cables and conductors. Features a unique integrated Hi-Lo stagger load bar and allows ‘big’ conductors to pass through the front end of the connector making it easy to verify the wiring sequence before terminating. This connector is typically used with Cat6 and is terminated with EXO™ Crimp Frame and EXO-EX Die (100061C).

• Hi-Lo stagger to isolate each conductor
• Simple one piece/pass through design, no bars or liners
• Insulation Diameter (Conductor) Size range: .039” – .044” (1.0 –1.12mm)
• Max Outer Diameter: .290” (7.36mm)
• Typically used with Cat6
• 5e/6/6A compliant
• Solid or Stranded 24-22 AWG
• RoHS 2, UL & FCC compliant
• Made in the USA