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SDI RG59, 1505A

RG59 - SDI Rated 20 AWG | 75 Ohm | Solid Bare Copper Conductor | HDPE Insulation | Tinned Copper Braid Shield | PVC Jacket Belden 1505A

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Belden 1505A type RG59 is commonly used in aerial outdoor applications, also including UHDTV and HD-SDI cables. This cable is Riser rated and features a PVC jacket. Internally this cable is protected from RFI and EMI interference by a 100% Duofoil® tape shield + 95% Tinned Copper Braid. The center conductor is 75 Ohm and is made from 20 AWG solid copper. This cable features a gas injected, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) insulation. RG59 is commonly terminated with a F-Type, BNC, or UHF connectors.