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Master Terminals Service Kit, 18700

Master Terminals Service Kit - 18700

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Master Terminals Service Kit
SKU: 18700

A complete 11 piece kit to crimp and release the most popular automotive specialized terminals found on cars, trucks, construction equipment, motorcycles, race cars, agricultural and marine equipment, heavy duty vehicles and other vehicles and equipment subject to excessive vibration and wherever an environmentally sealed connection is used.
For use on: Deutsch open and closed barrel terminals; Weather Pack terminals; Metri Pack terminals; and other open barrel terminals
18551, Deutsch Terminal Release Tool for 14-16 Gage Wire
18552, Deutsch Terminal Release Tool for 16-18 Gage Wire
18553, Deutsch Terminal Release Tool for 20-24 Gage Wire
18560, Terminal Release Tool for 6 Gage Wire
18570, Deutsch Terminal Release Tool for 8 & 10 Gage Wire
18580, Release Tool for Weather Pack Terminals
18600, Open Barrel CrimpingTool
18860, Terminal Crimper for Deutsch 12 Gage Closed Barrel Terminals
18880, Terminal Crimper for Deutsch 14, 16 & 18 Gage Closed Barrel Terminals
18890, Terminal Crimper for Deutsch 20 & 22 Gage Terminals
18910, Terminal Crimper for Weather Pack and Metri Pack Terminals