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NTE923 -  Integrated Circuit Precision Voltage Regulator

NTE923 - Integrated Circuit Precision Voltage Regulator

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The NTE923 are voltage regulators designed primarily for series regulator applica- tions. By themselves, these devices will supply output currents up to 150mA; but, external transistors can be added to provide any desired load current. The circuits feature extremely low standby current drain, and provision is made for either linear or foldback current limiting.

These devices are also useful in a wide range of other applications such as shunt regulators, current regulators, and temperature controllers.


D 150mA Output Current without External Pass Transistor
D Output Currents in Excess of 10A Possible by Adding External Transistors D Input Voltage: 40V Max
D Output Voltage Adjustable from 2V to 37V
D Can be Used as Either a Linear or a Switching Regulator