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WAGO 5 pos Lever-Nut, 24-12 AWG, 20 Amp, 221-415/VE00-1000

WAGO 5 pos Lever-Nut, 24-12 AWG, 20 Amp - 221-415/VE00-1000

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This COMPACT splicing connector is a latest innovation in the electrical installations today. It is a 5-conductor terminal block with operating levers and transparent housing. Allows minimal space and easy operation by directly connecting the wires into the device junction boxes! Can be used to a wide range of applications that includes electric blinds, door and gate controls, and lighting systems. A quality product with RoHS compliant and UL approval.

Electrical Characteristics:
• US and Canada - UL Listed for 600 V
• 105 ºC (221 ºF) operating temperature
• Accepts solid, stranded, flexible, or tin-bonded copper conductors
• 12 AWG variant: 24 - 12 AWG