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10FT HDMI CABLE M/M, 1.4, UL-CL3 , 45-7410SP

10FT HDMI CABLE M/M, 1.4, UL-CL3 #45-7410SP

Philmore LKG
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Philmore 45-7410 SP In-Wall Rated High Speed HDMI with Ethernet Cable (v1.4), 10 ft.

The Philmore High-Speed HDMI cables are of the best quality and meet industry standards and then some. Each cable is made of materials expected to last for decades and assembled to very high standards. As the cost of packaging cables in fancy and expensive plastic bubble packages has continued to increase at an incredible rate, Philmore has begun supplying a rather simple poly bag packaging that seriously reduces the retail cost.
Equal to our Philmore MEDIA STAR™ HD series, this economically packaged group provides ten lengths of cable and all are CL3 rated so that they comply with regulations if they are to be used for inside-wall installations.
HDMI 1.4
UL-CL3 Rated for In-wall Installation
28 AWG Cable
10' length
Meets all HDMI 1.4 standards

HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC): High speed, transfer speeds up to 100Mb/ sec.
Audio Return Channel (ARC): Eliminate the need for a separate audio cable.
3D: Gaming & Home Theater, supporting resolutions up to 1080p in 3D.
4K Support: 4K x 2K, four times the resolution of a 1080p display.
Content Type: Automated picture setting selection with no user intervention.
Additional Color Spaces: SYCC601, Adobe RGB and Adobe YCC601 colors
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