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This process allows users to prototype double sided boards with copper plated through holes.
Training Videos:

Photofabrication Process Positive Basic Prototyping Process

Step 1: Cutting and Routing

Step 2: Drilling, Deburring, and Reaming

Step 3: Electroless Copper Plating
Electroless Copper Plating 01 Part 1: Introduction and cleaning the board
Electroless Copper Plating 02 Part 2: Setting up the solution (part 1)
Electroless Copper Plating 03 Setting up the solution (part 2)
Electroless Copper Plating 04 Part 3: Submerging the board

Step 4: Dry Film Resist Application, Exposure, and Development
Dry Film Resist 01 Part 1: Overview, making artwork, safelight
Dry Film Resist 02 Part 2: Resist application and exposure
Dry Film Resist 03 Part 3: Resist development

Step 5: Copper Electroplating
Copper Electroplating 01 Part 1: Introduction, calculating current, micro-etching
Copper Electroplating 02 Part 2: Setup and electroplating

Tin Electroplating Step 6: Tin Electroplating

Resist Stripping Step 7: Resist Stripping

Etching Step 8: Copper Etching

Tin Stripping Step 9: Tin Stripping